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In the race for State Representative for District 39 in Shawnee,
Owen Donohoe has a better path to recovery.

Rep. Owen Donohoe wants a safe return to work sooner, rather than later. His opponent, Les Lampe, wants to wait until the pandemic is fully over. Seriously -- he said that. (Start at 9:09 on this video: "until you fully get rid of the pandemic, you can't get back to whatever you're doing" says Lampe.)

Les Lampe is just too dangerous for Shawnee if he thinks everything -- businesses, schools, etc. – need to stay closed while our local economy, jobs, learning and church worship continues to be compromised.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees that shutting down will hurt the economy and community members.

Lampe's Radical Agenda 

Les Lampe has admitted that he'll raise taxes all over the place, and he signed a pledge to defund the police, putting our safety at risk.

It's exactly what you'd expect from a candidate that is funded by extremist special interests whose agenda is:

- taxpayer-funded abortions, unregulated across Kansas
- harsh restrictions on your ability to work, go to school and enjoy recreation safely in 2020
- multiple new restrictions on gun ownership for law-abiding citizens
- a $1 billion increase in a government-run healthcare program
- removal of religious freedoms for churches and faith-based organizations
- support for higher income taxes, property taxes, utility taxes, water taxes and more

Compare Owen's Record of Leadership

See for yourself. Compare Owen Donohoe's common-sense policies and strong values with Lampe's  extremist  agenda. Learn how Owen courageously challenges the status quo (even in his own party), listens to your concerns and works to make our state better for all Kansans, including the generations to come. Compare now.


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