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Les Lampe pledges to defund the police

Owen Donohoe's opponent, Lampe, follows in lock-step with the most radical, left-wing agenda to defund the police. He signed a pledge to do it!  That's just too dangerous for you and your fellow Kansans in Shawnee.

Keeping American communities safe is a fundamental responsibility of state and local governments, but it’s become obvious that Lampe believes otherwise. Rather than support our police officers – the women and men who risk their lives to keep us safe – with the resources they need, Lampe is instead aligning with the radical forces wreaking havoc on our nation. 

Lampe officially signed the Future Now Fund’s “Pledge” that includes a host of radical ideas, including socialist economic policies, a government-run health care system, and sweeping ‘reinvestments’ of police funding.

Learn more about the pledge here.

Lampe won't publicly admit it he signed the pledge, because he knows defunding police departments isn't acceptable to law-abiding citizens of Shawnee. He also proposes that police departments be restructured to report to a "citizens advisory panel" of untrained citizens with no law enforcement training required. Lampe also refuses to denounce other Democrats across the country as they continue to encourage violent protests, the destruction of innocent Americans’ property, and acts of hatred toward our country.

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