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Les Lampe admits he loves to vote for tax increases.

In a recent debate, Les Lampe revealed he's in favor of tax increases. Owen Donohoe is such a contrast -- as a legislator, he's never voted for a tax increase. And he's the only candidate for Kansas House that knows how to reverse the state deficit and fund education -- without raising taxes. Owen will work to make sure you have more take-home pay, not less. 

Les Lampe (shown in photo above) admitted that he's "voted for every tax issue that's ever come up...on education."  And that's not the only tax he wants to impose on hardworking Kansans.

Lampe's policies would increase taxpayers' monthly budget at a time they can least afford it. Here are just some of his high-tax proposals:

Higher Water Taxes/Rates
  Lampe wrote an op-ed saying it was time to "change" the low cost of your water bill.

Higher Income Taxes
  Lampe voiced support for raising income taxes and his past behavior indicates he'll do it again.

Higher Property Taxes
Lampe said "it's time to shift funding of the state budget to property taxes," which would cause them to soar.

This is not what Shawnee taxpayers want to hear. It also shows that Lampe is all about the status quo (raising taxes and increasing the size of government), and unlikely to offer any solutions that don't involve raising your taxes.

Owen Donohoe's common-sense plan funds the vulnerable first, eliminates the waiting list for disability services and still funds education properly -- all without raising taxes.

Lampe's left-wing policies are predictable and just too costly. It's time Kansas voters said enough of the status quo Lampe promises, full of tax increases. Instead, let's think rationally about the kind of job growth, economic turnaround and fairness to our state's most vulnerable citizens and follow Owen Donohoe's lead in Topeka.

Sources: Shawnee Mission Post, KS Legislative Research Dept.,,, Disability Rights Center of Kansas.

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