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Legislative Update Feb. 7, 2023

We completed Week 4 at the statehouse last week and we're beginning to see bills come to the House floor for a vote. We heard plenty of testimony in committees about bills that would improve deficiencies in our government administration and schools, and bring new opportunities to taxpayers, families. Here are some highlights. 

Debate & testimony in my committees

This past week, in my committees, we heard testimony on:   
• Virtual school assessments, mental health issues in schools, days and hours of school days, and additional fields of study for the Kansas promise scholarship act. (more here)

• Anti-bullying measures in Kansas public schools to stem a rampant problem. A union representative from Wichita gave testimony that cited "all-out prison beatdowns that have been going on in our public schools." (more here)

• Social services, veterans budget analysis. I have championed prioritizing services for those most in need in our state.  (more here)

•  The beginning of long discussions on ESG investing - environmental, social and governance standards in investing (more here)


Read the entire legislative report here


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